IT Solutions [Flowchart (Pic)]



Yep, in a lot of cases, this flowchart sums up how IT people handle various situations pretty accurately.

[Source: The Doghouse Diaries]


4 Responses to IT Solutions [Flowchart (Pic)]

  1. Probably because we know what the fuck we are doing, instead of praying the person that called actually knows HOW to restart the computer…

  2. I’ve been doing consumer level IT for a few years and my flowchart is a lot simpler.

    Backup data daily -> problem not fixed by reinstalling program or 5 minutes of google -> restore to defaults and put data back.

    Total troubleshoot time, 3 hours.

  3. Shindou is right. That which is classed as a problem by IT staff is usually far more serious than, “my pages keep printing sideways”. People in ofices use IT support as a crutch for their own fear and ignorance towards program/system settings.