Win a Scholarship and Internship with Warner Bros


Warner Bros. Entertainment is looking for exceptional students graduating highschool with a passion for animation to apply for their REACH program.

The scholarship is for $10,000, along with four full-time (and paid) internships over the summers while you are studying – that also involves being matched with an executive mentor!

The money is paid directly to the institution (so no going and spending that on ‘inspiration’ beers) and is paid in $2,500 blocks each year. The idea is that after you’re done, you can secure a position at Warner Bros.

There are three different types of “Honorships” (the scholarship-internship package):
One that’s for a single high school senior enrolling for an animation course in a tertiary institution.
One that’s for up to three seniors who are at high school in L.A. county.
One that’s for up to three seniors graduating from Burbank high school.

The deadline for applications is March 4th 2013.

Go check out the Warner Bros website for the application details!