How to Actually Cheat at a Rubik’s Cube [Pic]

So you remember how there was that video about how to pretend like you can solve a Rubik’s cube? And it involved quite a bit of set up and remembering things and all of that. Well here’s Fake Science’s solution:


I think I like it better.

[Source: Fake Science]

7 Responses to How to Actually Cheat at a Rubik’s Cube [Pic]

  1. More fun is to stick the labels on wrong so the puzzle can’t be solved by rotating the blocks, scramble it, and then hand it to someone else.

  2. so how exactly does this fit with the topic of this site? You know – geeks. Or is this “Pretend geeks are sexy” now?

  3. When I was 10, my mom’s best friend offered $20 for me to solve the cube. I did this, got paid, and the cube was placed proudly on the mantle of the fireplace. The next day, the heat removed the stickers in what was forever known as Stickergeddon. Cie la vie.

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