The Attenborough is an Extraordinary Creature [Comic]



[Source: Bird and Moon | Via Neatorama]


4 Responses to The Attenborough is an Extraordinary Creature [Comic]

  1. I remember one year in high school (or was it junior high school? It’s been too long), we watched a David Attenburough series for five days in a row in science class, and saw another Attenborough series for three days in social studies (we were studying Africa at the time, and the wildlife of Africa and its preservation was deemed very important my my teacher), and a David Attenburough episode one day in… I forget which class, but it made less sense than social studies. Ok, so +9 for easy classes that week, but nine hours of hearing David Attenburough’s voice over in one week (three hours in one day) was enough to cause me to actively avoid listening to him ever since.

    • How, on this earth, can you possibly actively avoid such a gloriously informative voice. The man is a shining beacon of knowledge. He promotes actively learning about our world, our planet. I have been ill for a few days, and all I’ve watched is david attenborough documentaries… Its ridiculous to think that anyone can get tired of his voice.

  2. Laura, sadly no, I did the same thing in the voice of Attenborough for the entire reading of this comic, does it say something about us all? Probably only that we appreciate a good Doco.