Cosplay at Comic Fiesta 2012 [Pics]

Comic Fiesta 05

Comic Fiesta is Malaysia’s longest running convention for ACG – animation, comics and games. All aspects of the art and creativity that surrounds this pocket of pop culture is celebrated there – from both local and international artists. It began as a small exhibition at the Selango Chinese Assembly Hall in 2002, and on 22-23rd Dec 2012, celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, the convention saw over 25,000 visitors!

And as usual, there’s plenty of cosplay going on. The Comic Fiesta actually claims to have attracted over a thousand cosplayers, making it one of the biggest cosplay communities in Malaysia. Marvel at some of the incredible costumes that were seen.

Check out the full Flickr album for more shots – all taken by Shazzsteel.

[Source: Shazzsteel]

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