Concept Design for a RTS/RPG Where You’re the Infection

Blood 4814-1

Nicholas Beales, an artist and video game designer, had to write a partial game design and lots of concept art for his final year project. The result was Blood 48:14 (referencing Psalms 48:14 “This God is our God forever and ever. He will lead us beyond death.”)

The game takes the human immune system fighting off bacteria and turns it into a Real-Time Strategy game – you control the pathogens to take down the human body from the inside. Once your chosen infection has taken control over the human host, however, you leap into a Roleplaying Game, playing now as an infected human in the outside world.

Pretty cool concept – and even cooler when you check out the awesome art he has uploaded to his deviantART and Behance galleries. Here’s just a taste of it:

Who else wants to see this made into a real game?

[Nicholas Beales on deviantART & Behance | Via io9]

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