Sandra Bullock as Iron Woman [Pic]


After Amber Heard and Alison Brie, it’s now Sandra Bullock’s turn to get the superhero treatment.

[Source: Fan Art Exhibit]

One Response to Sandra Bullock as Iron Woman [Pic]

  1. I’ve seen this pop up a lot lately as a cosplay photo. Personally I don’t see this as cosplay. I also don’t think a photo of somebody who’s had a costume photo-shopped on them is cosplay. An actor paid to portray a roll in a movie/tv show also isn’t cosplay. Finally, body paint isn’t cosplay unless it is an accurate portrayal of a character that wears body paint or other such skin tight material and it is accented by other props. I realize this article isn’t labeled as cosplay, but it got me thinking about what is or isn’t cosplay.

    Anyone have any other thoughts, agree or disagree?

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