Captain Harlock: Space Pirate [Movie Trailer]

I’ll just leave this here and let you guys salivate. A CG movie featuring Captain Harlock? Now how awesome is that? The movie is planned for release next fall in Japan, but there’s no word out yet about when it’ll hit the big screen in North America. Thanks Rick! Advertisements


Featured Short Film: Voice Over [Video]

A short movie, which won 44 Awards and more than 80 selections, featuring three extreme situations that are actually the same. Will you survive? Directed by Martín Rosete and written by Luis Berdejo. [Kamel Films | Via The Awesomer]

Star Wars: Into Darkness (Star Wars / Star Trek Trailer Mash-Up)

After learning that J.J. Abrams would be directing the new Star Wars movie, UK film critic Ross Thompson decided to mash up some audio and visuals from the original Star Wars trilogy with elements from the upcoming Star Trek movie. The only problem with the whole thing? Not enough lens flares. [UnusualSuspect2011 | Via LS]

Tony Stark is in Big, Big Trouble in New Iron Man 3 Poster [Pic]

Looks like Tony Stark will be in a somewhat problematic situation in the next Iron Man movie. But we all know all will be well before the end, right? [Via]

Nintendo Characters Pancakes [Picture]

After these LOTR-themed pancakes, Saipancakes has decided to create a series of pancakes featuring characters from various Nintendo games. [Saipancakes]

Geektastic Crocheted Doctor Who and TARDIS [Pic]

This totally amazing-looking crocheted Tenth Doctor and TARDIS comes from the artist behind the Crafty is Cool blog. She also has created 10 other figurines for the other versions of the doctor as well. You can check ’em all out right here. [Source: Crafty is Cool]

Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards [Pic]

PJ McQuade, whom we featured a little before the holidays for his totally geektastic Chewie the Red-Nosed Wookiee christmas card, is back with some other geeky Star Wars-themed cards for Valentine’s Day. First up is a winged Yoda as Cupid Valentine’s Day card, “Love You I Do” on the inside, plus a revised “You’ve Lando’ed […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 53% Off Incipio Dual PRO Case for iPhone 5 – $14.24

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Incipio Dual PRO case for iPhone 5 for just $14.24. That’s 53% off the case’s regular retail price of $29.99. DualPro features design innovation at its best! With a plextonium plastic exterior embedded in a shock absorbing silicone core, DualPro provides sturdy protection without […]