The Young Mad Scientist’s First Alphabet Blocks

These tiny blocks – only 1 3/4 inches square – were laser-engraved onto American maple wood to create a set of building blocks for a budding mad scientist!

wooden blocks 1

For only $34.95, you can get the entire alphabet on just five blocks (6 etchings per block), and the alphabet examples are as follows:

A – Appendages
B – Bioengineering
C – Caffeine
D – Dirigible
E – Experiment
F – Freeze ray
G – Goggles
H – Henchmen
I – Invention
J – Jargon
K – Potassium
L – Laser
M – Maniacal
N – Nanotechnology
O – Organs
P – Peasants (with Pitchforks)
Q – Quantum physics
R – Robot
S – Self-experimentation
T – Tentacles
U – Underground Lair
V – Virus
W – Wrench
X – X-Ray
Y – You, the Mad Scientist of Tomorrow
Z – Zombies

wooden blocks 2

[Via Etsy/XylocopaDesign]

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