The Tablets that Won Christmas According to “First Tweet From”


Poor Microsoft, I’m kind of sad for them right now.


9 Responses to The Tablets that Won Christmas According to “First Tweet From”

  1. I wonder if the Microsoft folks have less to prove than the apple folks. I have yet to post that I am tweeting for the first time from a new device.

  2. iPad, iPod, and iPhone are modern words for what we used to call Fashion Statements, how is that Apple Maps thing working out for you?

  3. Perhaps surface users are simply less likely to tweet frivolously, or use Twitter at all. (cf Harry vs. Truman). ‘iPad’ covers a range of tablets whereas ‘fire’ ‘nexus 7’ and ‘surface’ are particular makes and models. I’ve also met people that describe any tablet as an iPad (the way that ‘hoover’ or ‘lux’ means any vacuum cleaner).

    Without understanding and mitigating such factors (the latter being almost impossible), this means almost nothing.

  4. This backs up the theory that many Apple users are very concerned about "image". I did not feel the need to tweet about the new tablet my wife got me (of course, that could be due to the fact that I don't have a Twitter account).

  5. I don't use twitter because its lame as hell imo, and I don't post to facebook and/or G+ everytime i get excited or upset about anything either.. so I didnt say squat online about getting my first android phone, and that doesnt mean samsung didnt get a sale..
    I have to agree that twitter posts are probably more likely to describe how many people that are little girls or have penis envy got these products

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