Christmas Geeks from the 1900s


From their first year of marriage in 1900 until just three years before she died in 1945, Anna and Richard Wagner (not the composer) took photos before their Christmas tree to send to their friends. No one knows the inspiration behind this personal documentation beyond the more intimate holiday greetings, but they now serve to give the modern day reader a unique insight into the lives and Christmas traditions of a German couple from the early 1900s.

These were the nerds of the 1900s, and now they are immortalised. I would love to see the full collection, which I think is located at Heimatmuseum, where Retronaut claims to have found the photos.

Here is the selection of photos that Retronaut and Flavorwire published giving a bit of a cross-section. Isn’t it a beautiful little Christmas tradition? Definitely going to start doing this when I get married.