Can you Name Them All: 16 Well-Known Scientists from History [Pic]


These 16 illustrations of well-known scientists from the past were created by Illustrator Chay Hawes. Can you name them all, and if you can, can you put them into chronological order?

1. Archimedes (of Syracuse)
2. Isaac Newton
3. Marie Curie
4. Charles Darwin
5. Tycho Brahe
6. Ada Lovelace
7. Al Hazen
8. Rosalind Franklin
9. Florence Nightingale
10. Alan Turing
11. Dmitri Mendeleev
12. Hypatia (of Alexandria)
13. Erwin Schrodinger
14. Nikola Tesla
15. Mary Anning
16. Louis Pasteur

[Source: Chay Hawes | Via Neatorama]