Your First Time [Comic]


Oh the nostalgia! I still remember when my mom got me that precious golden The Legend of Zelda game cartridge. How pretty it was! How Shiny it was!

Do YOU remember “your first time?”

[Source: Zac Gorman]


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    • My brother and I went through the same deal for that game. Absolutely worth it. It was probably the best game of that era, and still one of the most well-executed video game stories of all-time.

  1. I remember going to buy odyssey 2 carts (2600 era) at a kind of creep TV store/repair place back in the day. Don't remember gaming specific stores back in the day, just a section in the TV department.

  2. This comic is so accurate to me it’s scary. I had played video games before The Legend of Zelda (mostly on my brothers’ Atari and Commodore 64), but that was the first one I ever wanted, when I was 5 or 6. The choice was also somewhat random. It was mainly ’cause the box art was awesome. lol

  3. I'm not trying to make people cry, but this cartoon made me "misty" eyed (even as a guy). My mother bought me an NES for Christmas when I was a kid and the first game that came with it was that golden "The Legend of Zelda" game. I played that game for two weeks straight during my "grade" school vacation until I beat it. I'm 36 yrs old now , my mother been "passed away"… and I still have memories of that how much I loved my mom for buying that for me. Thank you for this comic strip.

  4. My first games were Zelda and Astyanax. I originally had gotten the NES advantage to use with my brothers games but I ended up hating it so I return it for those games. I loved zelda so much I would read the booklet and mini map at dinner. one day my dad got pissed at me because of it so the tore them up during dinner. fuck him.

  5. I don't remember exactly what my first game was. But Zelda was the first one I remember loving. I picked it solely because Epona was on the cover.

    Then there was Mario. Oh the memories.

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