Architect Builds Hobbit House in Fan’s Backyard [Pics]

Architect Peter Archer was commissioned to design a 600-square-foot hobbit house in a fan’s backyard. Apparently, the fan needed a place to store his 30 YEARS WORTH of Tolkien memorabilia. No joke!





hobbit-house-5 hobbit-house-6 hobbit-house-7


[Via Geekologie | Yahoo]

3 Responses to Architect Builds Hobbit House in Fan’s Backyard [Pics]

  1. This guy must be rich! With that said time for me to pretend I am his long last nephew so he can make me one of those too. LOL

  2. Sorry, but the fan in me must cry foul on this. Well, maybe not that extreme, but come on, it's an above-ground hobbit hole, which simply means, it's not a Hobbit Hole.

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