Parental Locks in the 80’s [Pic]

[Via MUO]


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  1. Eighties in numerical form is ’80s, not 80’s, because it is an abbreviated form of 1980s. Apostrophes indicate either possession or “is”; the ’80s aren’t possessing anything, and you’re not saying “80 is…” If you’re writing as an Internet journalist, you should at least try to learn AP style.

    • Apostrophes are regularly used for certain pluralizations, and the usage for them is in no way standardized. Thanks, but no thanks.

      Also, American punctuation use can bite me. I use serial commas, put punctuation outside of quotation marks when it makes more sense, and use apostrophes to pluralize things like numbers, letters, and words referring to the word itself, not the meaning.

      • then why not just 80s …. just sayin, i dun recall "please throw out those can's" ever being proper or common

  2. my parents never took it away… I played every chance I got, constantly. I never did any homework… went on to get a degree from U of T in Computer Science and am currently working at IBM. Don't rule your children with an iron fist… and believe it or not, reading a silly novel with some sort of moral to the story, or writing an essay on pilgrims, isn't even close to as important as stimulating the brain.