SGU’s Destiny to Appear in Hewlett’s New Film


There was a brief moment there that I thought David Hewlett had managed to leak the fact that a Stargate Universe movie was in the works. You see, Faster Than Light News posted this tweet from the actor who played Rodney McKay throughout the Stargate TV franchise:


Which he followed up with this:


Unfortunately, the flurry of Stargate fans pestering Gateworld resulted in a tweet that FTL News posted in a follow-up article:


Sadface. However, I’m not entirely upset as I am quite keen to see what Hewlett does with the Destiny set. To be honest, Stargate was my first love in science fiction and I felt like SGU betrayed the core of what Stargate was all about. It took it down a much more Star Trek route. While I didn’t mind so much (because I’m also a Trekkie), it just wasn’t Stargate anymore.

I did love the Destiny set though, so perhaps it will be awesome to see these sets put to use on something original. We’ll just have to wait and see if Hewlett’s skills are up to scratch.

And if you don’t believe me about the sets being pretty damned cool, check out this awesome photosynth collection of the SGU sets. The Gate Room looks awesome. There’s also a whole bunch of other cool stuff on that site if you need a Stargate fix…I spent a little too long browsing there I think…

[Via FTL News | Image Credit]