SGU’s Destiny to Appear in Hewlett’s New Film


There was a brief moment there that I thought David Hewlett had managed to leak the fact that a Stargate Universe movie was in the works. You see, Faster Than Light News posted this tweet from the actor who played Rodney McKay throughout the Stargate TV franchise:


Which he followed up with this:


Unfortunately, the flurry of Stargate fans pestering Gateworld resulted in a tweet that FTL News posted in a follow-up article:


Sadface. However, I’m not entirely upset as I am quite keen to see what Hewlett does with the Destiny set. To be honest, Stargate was my first love in science fiction and I felt like SGU betrayed the core of what Stargate was all about. It took it down a much more Star Trek route. While I didn’t mind so much (because I’m also a Trekkie), it just wasn’t Stargate anymore.

I did love the Destiny set though, so perhaps it will be awesome to see these sets put to use on something original. We’ll just have to wait and see if Hewlett’s skills are up to scratch.

And if you don’t believe me about the sets being pretty damned cool, check out this awesome photosynth collection of the SGU sets. The Gate Room looks awesome. There’s also a whole bunch of other cool stuff on that site if you need a Stargate fix…I spent a little too long browsing there I think…

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8 Responses to SGU’s Destiny to Appear in Hewlett’s New Film

  1. Each SG series had its interesting theme. So I love them all. SGU really felt more like a serious show. I really enjoyed it.

  2. SGU had a rough start. I didn't like it as much as the original, but near the end it was coming into its stride. I'm just sad that there isn't much worthwhile new science fiction on right now.

  3. SGU certainly took awhile to get moving and that's what made it difficult to get engaged with. As the series progressed, the characters became more fleshed out and the intricacies of each characters' relationships with the others greatly played a role in the dark theme of the game. I just wish they didn't end with a freaking cliffhanger!

  4. I got too about 5th or 6th episode in SGU and gave up, and I LOVE sci-fi and Stargate. Things kept getting streched out too much, and too much continual darkness to the plot and characters.

    Robert Carlyle, as good as he is just was so much better it made the rest of the actors look like amateurs, which did not help. At least with the other series they were all about the same level, so it felt more in balance.

  5. Enjoyed SG1, Atlantis and SGU. Very sorry to see SGU ended the way it was.

    Photosynth site wants me to install Silverlight. I would not like my computer violated with that dross at ANY temperature.

  6. After the 7th season, SG1 declined at a very fast pace. My hopes for improvement in Atlantis got shattered as well. I just didnt like it anymore, the characters were boring, the stories lame.
    After all that i liked SGU a lot. I loved the very different approach, the atmosphere the music and the characters. And i was very sad when it got cancelled after only two seasons. Just when everything started to get really interesting!

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