Man of Steel (Superman) – Official Trailer #2 [Video]

It’s here geeks, the second trailer for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel,” and it looks awesome.

Thoughts? :)


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  1. I may be one of the only nerds there is that isn't freaking out at this. Never was a Superman fan. Comics, movies, shows, the whole story. Not a fan.

  2. This actually looks good judging by the trailers. I'd go see it.

    That said Superman is probably the most boring of the big name superheroes. He's just too strong to be interesting. I'm glad another decent superhero flick is coming out but I really wish they had picked a different hero.

  3. Things I liked: Henry Cavill looks the part. He definitely has a firm grasp on the character. Visually the film looks amazing. What I didn't like: The color palette for the film, the tone is way too dark and the similarities with The Dark Knight series: The suit/armor scene, the suit design without the trunks looks horrible and the color of the suit is very similar to George Clooney's Batman and Robin suit, Clark has a beard, the fire explosion (Wayne Manor destruction scene) and so on.

    It's definitely a superhero film, but it's not Superman to me.

  4. Have to agree with Pshaw… perhaps thats why making a good, compelling superman movie seems so hard to do!

    BraN.. I kinda like the suit without the trunks.. always thought that was a little weird anyways. Yea it looks dark and whatnot.. but would you rather they gave it to the dude that made Green Lantern??? (barf) At any rate.. I hope it's good!!

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