Bid On and Buy Concept Art from the Whedonverse! [Pics]

Any geek even casually acquainted with the Whedonverse would recognize the name Shawna Trpcic.

Trpcic is responsible for much of Whedon’s character & costume design for Buffy, Firefly, and Cabin in the Woods. Trpcic has now begun posting her original sketches and costume concepts on eBay for fellow fans to bid on.

When you compare some of the concept sketches (Zoe! Joss as Badger!) to what “actually was” on-screen — the results are shocking!

Demons from the ‘Angel’ Season 5 Episode “Harm’s Way”.

Early design for Shepherd Book from ‘Firefly’.

Costume design for Illyria from ‘Angel’.

Original concept art of Inara Serra from ‘Firefly’.

Early design for Jayne Cobb from ‘Firefly’.

Costume design for Sigourney Weaver from ‘Cabin in the Woods’.


Sketch of Joss Whedon as Badger from ‘Firefly’.

Early design foe Zoe Washburn from ‘Firefly’.

[Via Blastr]