Mad Men in Comic Style [Pics]

I love seeing fans create art about their favorite TV shows – there’s something so inherently geeky about it and that makes me feel all warm inside.

Artist Dan Panosian has managed to make me believe that a graphic novel of Mad Men could actually look really good. How do you like this depiction of the cast of Mad Men?

[Dan Panosian via Flavorwire]

One Response to Mad Men in Comic Style [Pics]

  1. these are very well done, his art style puts me in the mind of mad magazine, for some reason.

    and i'd be remiss if i didnt mention that on a few levels i find it amusing that christina hendrick's character, who has, in real life, somewhat comic sized breasts, is actually portrayed in a very understated way. i'm not sure what to attribute it to, but i think its a good thing.

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