Ja(y)ne Cobb Gender Reversal Cosplay [Pics]

This Serenity-themed, Jayne Cobb crossplay is courtesy the lovely Australian lady Lutetium, who is also a research scientist, when she’s not kickin’ ass and takin’ names! She also has a River Tam cosplay in the works!

The knife and apple are great details, but my favorite touch? Her thigh tattoos.

[Via Geek x Girls | Photographer: Zaneth Simpson]

11 Responses to Ja(y)ne Cobb Gender Reversal Cosplay [Pics]

  1. She was also Slave Leia in my store's window a while ago.

    Lutetium's actually one of the few good cosplayers I've met that isn't totally up their own singularity about how awesome they are.

  2. I was going to go with "I'll be in my bunk", but since that's taken I'll default to "A woman walks down the street in that hat, you know she's not afraid of anything." And then I'll go to my bunk.

  3. Thanks for all the love doves.

    Next one in line is a River Tam costume!

    As always, I'm always available for geeky shoots and as a Jabba's Fan dancing slave girl ^__~


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