How the Star Wars Deal Went Down [Comic]

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  1. Lucas paved over the yellow brick road (the original three movies) with a bunch of nasty tar (prequels and "remastered" original movies). Far as I'm concerned, Disney couldn't really do much worse… unless they decide to totally go against the novels that have been adopted as canon and just do whatever they want.

  2. Thay need to let lucasarts do what thay do and not get in the way. sort a like there ownership of pixar Disney own it but don't do much to affect it .

  3. well the franchise has been squeezed of its potential, no other reason for george lucas to sell it. still if disney can make a third trilogy, im all for it. all i would like is that it stays true to the theme. heck, would love to see them make an old republic trilogy. or about luke skywalker and his descendants. :)

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