Don’t Miss the Space Station Overhead

If you happen to be looking up at the sky at the right moment, you would be able to see the International Space Station. It is actually the third brightest thing in the sky (besides the Sun and the Moon). But how do you know when it will be overhead?

In a bid (I guess) to make NASA (even) more interesting to the average person, they have released Spot The Station. This is a service where you can sign up with your email address to get an alert a few hours before the space station is going to pass overhead.

It’s available worldwide, to anyone with an email address and it’s completely free. The best part is, the service only notifies you when there will be a good sighting – when the station is high enough in the sky and will last long enough so that you can actually see it.

I’m pretty sure the service isn’t really all that new – there are a number of apps and weather stations that provide such a thing – but hey, I never knew about it before and plugging in your email address into this system seems easy enough so why not hey?

Whether you do it by some other app or these NASA alerts, sign up so you can dazzle your friends when you point up at the sky and say, “I see a space station!”

[Spot the Station by NASA]