The Live Tile Experiment [Video]

This happened a little while ago, but it’s still awesome. Microsoft created a rather elaborate prank in order to promote the “live tile” feature, which has been a part of Windows phone systems for a while but only recently came to desktops with Windows 8.

The idea is that a music “tile” was installed in the ground before a fake wall. Behind the fake wall were the muffled sounds of a concert going on. Stand on the tileā€¦and watch the music come to life.

Of course, it’s hardly likely that this was a real, non-staged stunt. After all, I doubt they’d take the risk of leaving the public to stand on this tile and have a wall come crashing down around them. If they panicked and jumped to the side, the wall would crush them and Microsoft would be responsible.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty cool concept. Imagine if you could just step on a tile somewhere and have a concert burst to life around you!?

[Via Geeks Have Landed]