Writer for Star Wars Episode VII


So by now everyone knows that Disney acquired Lucas Films and plans to make a new Star Wars episode. If you didn’t hear about it directly from an article, I’m sure you’ve realized from the slew of memes mashing Disney and Star Wars together.

You would have thought that Disney would have ridden the wave of meme-publicity and waited till it was starting to lose the geek world’s attention before they leaked more information right?

Apparently, wrong. Sources have leaked information to Vulture not only that Disney has someone readying a treatment for the upcoming episode, but that that man was already working on it before news broke of Disney’s acquisition!

So who is the talent that Disney has deemed good enough for Star Wars? Michael Arndt. So…what’d he do? Well, his scriptwriting debut was the Oscar award-winning Little Miss Sunshine. His other notable writing credits includes Toy Story 3 and the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire.

While the details of the treatment are obviously unknown, Vulture reports that we are likely to see the return of Luke, Leia and Han as much older versions – and apparently Harrison Ford may well be open to the idea of returning.

The treatment will be passing major directors’ desks pretty soon, and both Vulture and Buzzfeed seem to think Arndt is pretty much a sure shot as the writer for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. What do you think?

[Vulture | Via Buzzfeed | Image Credit]