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So by now everyone knows that Disney acquired Lucas Films and plans to make a new Star Wars episode. If you didn’t hear about it directly from an article, I’m sure you’ve realized from the slew of memes mashing Disney and Star Wars together.

You would have thought that Disney would have ridden the wave of meme-publicity and waited till it was starting to lose the geek world’s attention before they leaked more information right?

Apparently, wrong. Sources have leaked information to Vulture not only that Disney has someone readying a treatment for the upcoming episode, but that that man was already working on it before news broke of Disney’s acquisition!

So who is the talent that Disney has deemed good enough for Star Wars? Michael Arndt. So…what’d he do? Well, his scriptwriting debut was the Oscar award-winning Little Miss Sunshine. His other notable writing credits includes Toy Story 3 and the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire.

While the details of the treatment are obviously unknown, Vulture reports that we are likely to see the return of Luke, Leia and Han as much older versions – and apparently Harrison Ford may well be open to the idea of returning.

The treatment will be passing major directors’ desks pretty soon, and both Vulture and Buzzfeed seem to think Arndt is pretty much a sure shot as the writer for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. What do you think?

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    • Douglas Gresham gets all the credit for Narnia, Disney was just the distributer. I don't figure it would be any worse than what Lucas would do. The problem with Disney is that since walt died it's been: a few years of really good stuff, crap, good stuff, crap, good stuff, more crap. The trick will be getting out three star wars films before they sink back into the crap end of the cycle.

  1. So will they be using any characters from the extended universe? The solo twins? Ben skywalker? Mara Jade Skywalker better be in it, she is one thing that Lucas actually acknowledged as being canon.

  2. I can agree with the screenwrite pick. Sadly, I heard part of the plan for the movies is for Han to die, radically changing the mythos (canon or otherwise) as we know it. So far as I can tell, Episode VII will have to be before Luke meets Mara Jade and could/should possibly follow their conflict, fall, courting, redemption, etc. Because all of the stories after that seem to focus on the offspring, which you can't really have without bringing Mara Jade in. Or will they simply say "Oh yeah, here's Mara Jade, Luke's wife. Yeah, time has passed since Jedi…"

  3. Hm. Well, my favorite constellation for episode 7:

    Christopher Nolan will write the script. It won't take place in the extended universe and will spare us the shame to see who they would cast for Luke, Leia or Han. To see Hammil, Fisher or Ford in these roles would be even more painfull to watch. The last Indiana Jones was enough for me.
    Ah. And Joss Whedon will be the director. Please.

  4. I'd rather they make a movie that wasn't based on the original storyline that Episodes I-VI covered. It wouldn't make sense to do so, because everything was pretty much wrapped up. Bad guys defeated and beginning to scatter across the galaxy far far away, good guys have won the battle against evil, and life returns to normal (or close to it).

    It would be more logical to make a movie about characters that were not shown in Episodes I-VI, whether it be from the same time or not. This way the people who want more star wars movies are happy, as are those who want more movies but don't want to see the return of the main characters at an older age. This would also help explain what went on in greater detail, as if that wasn't already possible with the 6 movies that were made about the conflict between the Empire and Rebellion and how that conflict came to be in the first place.

  5. Evertbody is missing the point about what Disney is after by buying Star Wars. They only see the six Star Wars movies as the story of two Princesses with lots of spaceships, guys and explosions around them. Any new trilogy is going to be about a new third Princess. This whole deal was nothing but an expansion of the Disney Princess Line!!!

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