World War Z – First Official Trailer [Video]

World War Z is an upcoming post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Marc Forster and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan. It is based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a worker at the United Nations, as he searches the globe for information that can stop the zombie outbreak that is bringing down nations.

World War Z is due to be released on June 21, 2013.

So geeks, what’s the verdict? Do you think this be a worthy adaptation of Max Brook’s novel? Let us know in the comments section below!

30 Responses to World War Z – First Official Trailer [Video]

  1. Just based on that trailer I'd say no, it's not a worthy movie adaptation of Max's book. Max's Zack were shamblers, not 28 days later style runners. That sort of looked like the Battle of Yonkers but we're not seeing much in the way of content. Is it going to be just one story from the timeperiod of WWz? or is it going to be a collection of stories that includes the Wacko and the self made zombie killing kung fu master? What made Max's book awesome was that it was a bunch of different stories and perspectives, not just one. No offense to Brad (he's one of my favorite actors) but just based on that trailer it looks like an ego stroke pic.

    However it does look pretty bad ass and I will definitely be seeing it in the theaters.

  2. Looks pretty weak, compared to the book. Wish they had called it something different if they were going to fully ignore the book. I was looking forward to the blind Jap guy.

  3. I wondered how they were going to turn the book into a movie. Turns out they're not. They're just putting the name on a completely different story. Makes much more sense now.

  4. Shouting and explosions and fast zombies…. there went all my hope for the beauty of the slower paced, after the fact narrative that was the entire book. I shouldn't be surprised Hollywood missed the mark on one of my favorite books again. It not like they have a good track record. I'm sure it'll go over fine with movie zombie fans, but I doubt there will be much for those of us that loved the book.

  5. wow… just….. wow. I am in shock at how terrible this looks. I love the book, but this movie looks nothing like it. Let's do a break down of the book vs movie.

    Multiple interesting characters giving many engaging points of view…. not in movie.
    Slow zombies and our logical initial inability to deal with them…. not in movie
    The progression of the solanum virus and its GRADUAL takeover of the world…. not in movie

    And lets just throw in fast zombies that flow like water (somehow), focus on a single cliched character and a pointless family element, alla War Of The Worlds (2005) for good measure.

  6. No. Just…No. As a movie NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED to Max Brooks' World War Z, this looks like it could be entertaining. I'd watch it. But if you're going to butcher a book, DON'T butcher WWZ. Just take Brooks' name and title off and you're good.

    Looks cool as a movie. But as for hitting the intended target of being a film adaptation for WWZ and incorporating all of the things we love about it onto the silver screen? Hollywood you're beyond being miles off. Wrong planet.

    Just stop.

  7. I disagree with most comments here. Yes, the fast zombies are a disappointing change, but there are lots of parts of the trailer that can be attributed to the book. Here are some parts of the book I remember:

    Land being overrun, survivors forced to sea: In the trailer and the book.
    Army being overwhelmed by sheer numbers: In the trailer and the book.
    Zombies clamboring over each other, again using sheer numbers, to climb over blockades: In trailer and the book.
    Worldwide events: In the trailer (Brad Pitt visits various "flashpoints" worldwide to lend his, as yet unknown, expertise.) and the book (various world armies tell their view of events).

    • I wasn't expecting this to be anything like the book, not after it sat in developmental purgatory for so long. If anyone expects it to be like the novel, they will be sorely disappointed. The book lends itself well to a graphic novel adaptation, or as an animated series. The only way it would work as a direct adaptation would be to treat it like Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and split the book in to three or four films.

      Considering how much was in there, bits and pieces are going to be chosen and left out. Not everyone's favourite segment is going to make it in there. It also has to be cohesive since we're sticking with a main character (Pitt), his family, and it's all in a present tense timeline. Bouncing around is going to cause confusion among people who haven't read the book yet.

      I love the book, and I'm going to see this movie. I'm going to accept that it's going to be completely different from the novel, and I'm going to enjoy the crap out of this film.

  8. Th great thing about the book was that it was a collection of stories from many different view points about a war that had already occurred, it read like an historical account. This movie looks like any other zombie movie out there, so lame. So, so lame.
    When I was reading it I always thought it'd be cool to do the movie where you take like 6 or 7 really awesome directors and they choose the stories they want to tell and make the movie that way, with each director making a different part. Some parts would be animated, other would be incredibly stylized, another would be cerebral.

  9. I haven't read the source book but that just looks like another generic garbage Hollywood 'blockbuster'. A CGI-filled crap-fest with the standard maudlin cliched 'family drama' thrown on top. Ugh…

  10. Like many others here, I think it's going to miss a ton of what was in the book (although the wikipedia page says it'll be a trilogy). That said, I'm with the guys who said they'll see it anyway. True to novel or not, I think the idea of a river of zombies is a much more sensible way to overrun the world than shamblers. Might work in a town or city, but if you can outwalk them then they aren't effective predators. I'm hoping that as far as zombies go, these will be the most interesting.

  11. No. This does not look like a worthy adaptation.
    If the trailer is anything to go by, I wont watch it… or buy it.
    My pirate friend says he wont even pirate it. And I have to agree with him. It isn't worth my time, or bandwidth.

  12. I don't get why this looks exciting. I have briefly heard of World War Z but never read the books. Also why are people complaining about fast zombies? Since zombies aren't real we can't assume how they would actually run/walk…etc. Unless your using like something like Night of the Living Dead as canon for all zombies and how they act.

  13. Never read the book. Not going to either.
    Slow vs. fast? Well what would be most exciting to watch?
    The studios wants the seats in the theatres filled, and there's not enough fans of the old style to fill them, so they went with the more aggressive type of zombie to bring in the masses.
    Typically, zombies are slow-moving, independent entities, each trying to reach their own goals. (Braaaiinnss!)
    These new ones, are extremely fast, hive minded drones, spilling forward like a liquid, looking to reach a common goal. (Brraaaaiiinzzzzz!)
    In the end it's the same result, just higher paced. (Perfectly suited for the rising ADHD percentage and otherwise low attention-span in the standard movie-goer.)

    Will I watch it myself? Meh… Maybe on netflix.
    p.s. Zombies, slow or fast, are lame.

    • ….You should really, really read the book. At least before making comments.

      The book is a look back at the war, encompassing military, government, business, social and cultural pitfalls of dealing with something like this. It takes the classic 'zombie plague' concept and puts it up against real world problems.

      So slow VS fast isn't the main issue, its the entire concept of the movie.

      • Ahh I see… By not having read the book, I loose my rights to have on opinion on a trailer…
        How very elitist of you.
        I never read "Do androids dream of electric sheep" either, does that mean I don't get to have an opinion on "Blade Runner"?
        I then take it, that you have read every single book, that every single movie/trailer you have seen, and commented on, is based on. Otherwise you wouldn't have the right have an opinion on it, right?
        But go right ahead and down-rate my comment for not conforming to your world-view.
        Have nice day.

  14. What is this movie about, some funny piling like a bunch of ants zombies or something. Trailer wanted to be epic but it went funny I might watch this movie for humorous purpose.

  15. I agree with EinMD up there. This doesn't look like an adaptation of the book at all – the book was more like a documentary. Maybe there's more to the movie than we're seeing here – maybe they're just focusing on one small aspect, and it'll turn out to be much more like the book. Dunno. But I'm absolutely going to see it.

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