Mom Hand-Creates Bag End Doll House [Picture Gallery]

Maddie Chambers first read The Hobbit when she was 10 and then The Lord of the Rings about a year later. Since then, she has read the LOTR trilogy over 20 times.

When her twin sons were 1, she took a college course about “the importance of play” and at the end of the term, each student had to submit a toy. She first decided to make a little hill with a front door and call it Bag End, using her Warhammer scenery components. Then, Bag End took off and she kept trying to make it bigger and better!

The result is a complete Bag End “doll house” of sorts — with nearly EVERYTHING made BY HAND by Ms. Chambers herself!

[For more details about the mini Bag End, click here for Chambers’s WordPress page!]

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