Shark Socks [Pics]

These awesome Shark-themed socks were made by knitter extraordinaire Lisa Grossman, and before anyone asks, no, they are unfortunately not for sale. Sadness. [Source: The Tsarina Tsays] Advertisements


Schrodinger Isn’t Popular with Yahoo Answers Members [Pic]

Poor Schrodinger was just posing a hypothetical… [Via I f***ing love science]

Video Game Art Conquers the Art World

The Museum of Modern Art  (MoMA) in New York has deemed video games worthy of artistic appreciation and preservation. While, of course, the artistic value of games would never be contested by the geek world, there would be those who would claim that games are simply a waste of time and brain power. It’s gratifying […]

AMAZING Anamorphic Illusions! [Video]

While these amazing illusions look pretty incredible at first glance, I’m not sure if this video is tricked or not. What do you guys think? [brusspup | Via OW]

3D printing could work on the Moon

Home Depot has yet to announce plans to open a branch on the moon, but researchers say they’ve taken a first step to making it possible for future astronauts to restock their toolbox. And yes, like so many stories in 2012, it involves a 3D printer. A team at School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering […]

Marvelous Ms. Marvel Cosplay [Pics]

Here is a gallery featuring a few pictures of Argentinian cosplayer Kitty Honey. I’ve also included 2 other pics from her costumed as Black Canary, because you know, I had to fill in the second line of thumbnails because just one thumbnail on a single line didn’t look really aesthetic. ;) All pictures in this […]

Dorkly Comic: How Much We Care About Star Wars, Over Time [Comic]

This funny comic by Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly illustrates quite well how most people’s perception of the Star Wars franchise has since the late 1970s. Unfortunately, the years 2014-2015 are missing, because the graph would have pretty much skyrocketed this year! [Source: JULIA LEPETIT AND ANDREW BRIDGMAN – Dorkly]

Signs You’re On The Computer Too Much [Comic]

Fortunately for me, I’m not there yet, even though I still think that I’m on the computer a little too much, but aren’t we all? Right? :) [Source: The Joy of Tech]