Five Sexy Costumes for Geek Dudes (Please Don’t Try At Home)

With the huge proliferation of sexy girl outfits–and some that just sort of make you scratch your head with how far they stretch the imagination–I thought it might be time to list some sexy dude outfits for this Halloween season. I mean, sure. I believe that geeks are sexy. I do write for that eponymous blog that celebrates our enormous brains and awesome outlook on the world. However, as a lady I find it somewhat disheartening that there aren’t enough sexy dude outfits there, let alone enough with geeky slants to make an impact.

Now, clearly there isn’t time this year for companies to take notice. However, you’ll notice my suggestions are so easy to put together that you don’t have to worry! With Halloween in the middle of the week this year, there’s plenty of parties still raging through the weekend. So if you haven’t had time yet for inspiration, fret not. Here’s five sexy guy outfits for the geek dude to rock this season of horror.

Sexy Big Macintosh — What kind of Brony are you? The sexy kind. So technically, the ponies don’t actually wear any clothes. But we don’t want you to go that accurate. I mean, there’s a danger of being arrested or seriously scarring people for the rest of their lives. Applejack’s older brother, Big Macintosh, is practically calling out for a sexy interpretation. (I won’t mention that he wears a yoke around his neck… you can derive what you will from that) All you need is a pair of jeans, suspenders, and a cowboy hat. Then pain a green apple on your chest.

Sexy Wil Wheaton — Yes, this is somewhat redundant, I know. But one of the things I’ve noticed with sexy outfits is that they’re just short. Really short. So how about wearing the famous clown sweater with a pair of short shorts or maybe, if you’re really adventures (and the weather is amenable) you could always go for a Speedo.

Sexy Darth Vader — Or maybe it’s about the silhouette. Judging from these so many of the lady costumes out there, if it’s not short it’s just… really, really tight. So, to make Darth Vader sexy, one would only require a helmet (which you probably have already, right?) along with black spandex. You could go full-body ballerina style or pick a tight black tank top to go with the pants. Just don’t forget the cape. You might not be recognized otherwise.

Sexy Ninja Turtle — Animals are always popular with the sexy crowd, which may or may not have something to do with the furry implications. While not furry, the classic TMNT character is also technically naked. Some belts, some tight green pants, or if you’ve got enough “ninja power” there’s always lots of green body paint. While there are four turtles to choose from, I think the obvious geek choice would be Donatello. Sexy brains and bod, am I right? (Or am I terribly wrong…?)

Sexy Dr. Who — But, but, but! Yes, Dr. Who is already sexy, you say. But he can be sexier! Take the principles we’ve learned here: shorter pants and no shirt and… wait. Hm. Now that I think of it, if you add the fez, I suppose you run the risk of looking like a circus monkey (or gorilla, depending on your body type and hair density). You can really choose any era you like, sans shirt. I can even picture a fleshy body suit wrapped with one long scarf. Can’t you?

[Picture Credit: Geeks are Sexy @ SDCC 2012]