‘Walking Dead’ Plushies Have Stuffing for Braaaaiiiiins! [Pic]

Alas, there’s no Daryl in this set of ‘The Walking Dead’ plushies…but there is a Michonne!!

Also, alas, they are only available as carnival toys and claw machine prizes (so far), by toy maker Peek-a-Boo Toys.

[Via Walking Dead Wiki]

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  1. Dear GAS,

    I have been reading you for a fairly long time now. I am not sure who your target audience is at the moment or what your posting capacities are, but I really cannot appreciate how the site's content has been 'cheapened' a while ago. Whereas in the past, interesting scientific, even fun articles were prevalent, now 80% of the content relates to CosPlay, Star Wars figures, Nintendo memes, etc..

    If this is the way you would like to pursue then I suppose readers such as myself and your site have come to a point where we need to part ways.

    Best of luck.

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