How to Piss Off Your Nerdy Friends: Fandom Edition [Comic]

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  1. Im british and I've never heard of 'BIll and Ted'
    After reading the wikipedia page, I see it looks like an american time traveling movie.

    I dont think it has any real recognition in Britain, so i doubt it would irritate 'whovians' that much…

    a better line would be:
    "Matt Smith is the best doctor"

  2. Ummm, the Whovian one doesn't make any sense because Dr. Who came first… In fact, it ended (for the first time) the year that Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure came out.

  3. The Dr. Who-series would more likely be a rip off of H.G Wells book (and the 1960's movie) The Time Machine..

  4. No, no, to piss off Whovians, say the 9th doctor was the best… I’ve never heard anyone say they like him best, so it’ll most likely get on their nerves.

    Also, what are Homestucks?

    • From a quick bit of Google-Fu, it seems like it's a semi-interactive Webcomic that presents itself as a text/image based point and click game.

  5. Gen 1 was better. "Gen 2" *cartoon* exceeds the 80's cartoon by a landslide. But as far as original pony design… Gen 1 was WAAAAY better.