Exploding Ponies!

Bronies don’t look. You might not be able to take this.

Those who aren’t totally fanatical about the My Little Pony fad, enjoy, and be sure to hit up the artist’s flickr page for more of this work.

[Via Buzzfeed | Image credit: Alan Sailer]

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  1. Not to be a Brony nerd about this(which, if I'm being honest, I am), but those are gen 1 ponies. Now, I can't speak for all Bronies, but I think I do speak for a fair number when I say, we don't really mind seeing those ponies being obliterated.

    • The bottom one is a G4 (hence part of brony fandom) but it's Pinkie Pie, and not only does she defy physics on a regular basis, but there's so much going on in her brain that it probably explodes daily as well. And yes that top one is G1. Trust me, us bronies are never as offended by attacks on their fandom as the haters are offended by us for existing.
      Also judging by this person's Flickr, it's clear that this person doesn't actually hate ponies and troll dolls any more than he hates old cassette players. It's even possible this person actually LIKES ponies, however if so, it's probably in the same way most people in the fashion, art, pop culture, and graphic design do – because they see ponies as outrageously campy, kitschy, ugly, and frightening, and therefore cool. This is the way haters used to assume us bronies did before they started calling us all autistic. As far as I know, most old-school fans aren't bothered by us suburban breeder cartoon geeks co-opting the franchise, and most bronies welcome old school fans with open arms. So I really can't imagine how any of this is offensive.

      (why did i "reply as facebook" if i have to enter my name anyway?)

      • Good sir, from the build of the body and legs, shape of the mouth and the heart shape in the eye I can state that the pony in that picture is a G3.5 Pony.

        I can say this for certain because I own a G3.5 Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle (had them from before I was an actual fan, bought them because a friend said my place needed a 'feminine touch') and can compare them to my G4 ponies (and yes, I do have a Fashion Pinkie Pie, so don't try to outsmart me on this one).

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