Glimpse of the Silver Samurai & Wolverine’s Claws

CBM has released the first glimpse we have of Wolverine’s nemesis, Kenuichio Harada – the Silver Samurai, from the upcoming movie The Wolverine. He is being played by Korean-American actor Will Yun Lee, who you might recognize from Elektra, Hawaii Five-0 or Total Recall.

The character is suited entirely in silver armour (hence the name) and has an ability to charge things with a tachyon field (not ‘electrical current’ – bad CBM for getting that wrong!) that slices through just about anything (except, of course, adamantium). He’s usually juicing up his katana and going on rampages…so I hear. Check him out:

Ok, so it’s just a backshot, but at least we’re getting some idea of what the costume looks like.

They’ve also released a photo of Wolverine (unfortunately not our hunky Hugh Jackman, but instead a stunt double) hanging suspended in the air with his claws out for all to see:

The movie seems to be shaping up, don’t you think?

[See more photos at Comic Book Movie]

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