Officially Licensed R2-D2 Dress from Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk are known for creating some pretty awesome clothing for the geek gal with a chic taste. Well apparently they’ve actually collaborated with Lucasfilm to create a whole range of officially licensed Star Wars merchandise for women – from leggings to swimwear, to this dress called the “Artoo Dress”.

The dress comes in sizes XS through to L, and is made of 82% Polyester, 18% Lycra. It is created down-under in Australia by designer James Lillis. Shipping costs aren’t too pricey and if you spend over AUD200, shipping internationally is free!

Check out this promo video for the full range of Star Wars clothing coming soon to Black Milk:

[Get the dress of AUD130 from Black Milk | Via GeekAlerts]

5 Responses to Officially Licensed R2-D2 Dress from Black Milk Clothing

  1. How very cool. Now actually design a non-anorexic clothes line for the other 90% of women who have normal bodies.

  2. i bought the tardis dress from them as a birthday treat while it was 20% off and i would LOVE to buy an r2 swimsuit but the fact is – the clothing is WAY too expensive. 80-odd quid for a swimsuit? no thanks

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