Marvel vs DC at the Box Office [Infographic]

This infographic compares both companies’ movie performance over the last fifty years. So, who cashed in the most over this period? DC or Marvel? Check out the infographic for the answer!

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  1. Is this adjusted for inflation? Because if not, then Superman 1's $471M in 1978 is way more impressive than the Avengers $617M in 2012

    • I was thinking the same thing. If you take inflation into account, DC blows Marvel out of the water.
      The original Batman movie making almost $100 million in 1966? That would be almost $700 million today.

      Superman's takings would be almost $1.5 BILLION.

    • Look under the graphic that says All time box office takings. In fine print it says, "All box office figures 2012 inflation adjusted."

  2. It looks like they're passing Vertigo by completely – Constantine wasn't well received, but it's both DC and mainline DC continuity, but I don't see it. Likewise, someone mentioned V for Vendetta, which I suspect would shift that ratio fairly heavily.

  3. Are these also taking in to account the budgets for these films. Some of them were substantial let downs if they didn't cover their productions costs and them some the amount you're left with wouldn't be that high. Depending on the film of course.

  4. Many movies are missing:

    the original Capt. America movies

    Dolph as the Punisher

    Sin City


    Swamp Thing

    V for Vendetta

    Judge Dread

    the Spirit

    and don’t dismiss the smaller studios releases from defunct comic brands.

    • Sin City, Judge Dredd and The Spirit are not DC or Marvel properties. (at least The Spirit wasn't when it was made into a movie)

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