Ice-Cream Moon Cake

If you live in an Asian country, or participate at all in a Chinese community, you may recently have celebrated the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, celebrating the moon. As a result, you’re probably quite sick of eating, or even hearing about, the traditional lotus-seed filled ‘mooncakes’.

How much would you have preferred to be gobbling down this ice-cream delicacy?

Häagen-Dazs teamed up with Doshi Levien, a London-based design office, to create this ‘Ice Moon’ range of spherical, moon-shaped ice-cream cakes. While I personally think they would have been a real hit for the Lantern Festival, it seems they have been created for the Christmas 2012 season.

Perhaps they’d also make a great centrepiece to a Neil Armstrong tribute party? Whatever the excuse, I just want to chow down on the moon!

[Via The Mary Sue]

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