Mind Blown: How to Eat a Cupcake [Vid]

Boom. Brilliant. Now I just need to go to my local cupcake joint and take a dozen home. Om nom nom nom.



7 Responses to Mind Blown: How to Eat a Cupcake [Vid]

  1. I wouldnt say like a gentleman. Like a bloke who is afraid of getting frosting up his nose, yes, but no gentleman dismantles his food.

    PS: Update your bloody openID server, I cant use ether my google or yahoo openID… so you got my old lj which hasnt seen a login in about 10 years logging in instead…

  2. I've eaten them like this since elementary school. You guys have been missing out. Great video, though.

  3. That takes to much time (5 seconds) and effort, not to mention depending on how the cupcake is made its creates a mess.

    I prefer any of the first methods. Why? Because my wife will kiss me to get off the rest of the frosting. Its win/win for me.