Is Doctor Who a Religion? [Video]

I love the Idea Channel and what they come up with but this…this makes me believe.

I now wish to build a TARDIS shaped shrine, in which I will enter, meditate in order to believe that it is bigger on the inside, and slowly chant “wibbly wobbly timey wimey”.

Let’s hope Whovianism gets recognised in the next census.

[Via PBS Idea Channel]

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  1. For Dr. Who I think the episode(s) that really made me the most excited about the Doctor was "The Impossible Planet" part 1 and 2. The very well developed idea that an idea is unstoppable, and the real thing to worry about compared to the physical thing that so many know is the symbol for that thing just makes my heart soar and my neurons fire pleasant sparks. =) On a side note, I think that there may be different branches of this Who religion: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, ect. Because each one is different, while having the same core principles, you will get more people not necessarily saying the others are bad, just siding with one over the other when it comes to certain tasks. I mean, one big issue with regeneration that I think David T. was able to pull off really well with regeneration was the fact he was dying, this version of himself was not going to exist ever again and that he would come back, same memories and everything. Just as a different person. Which ties in to a few religions I can think of with reincarnation or rising again from death. I think I have rambled for long enough but I will say this … Don't blink.

  2. There's only one flaw in his argument in that whilst the Doctor works for the good of Humanity, he's not universally good in that he is directly responsible for the extinction of a number of races, including his own, and he has no issue with perpetrating acts of genocide or sending people to be his suicide troops.

    I'm just saying that if all the "bad guys" in the universe, who often have conflicting agendas, band together just to take YOU out, maybe you're not the goodguy you thought you were.
    If anything, he is a wrathful god akin to the central deity of the judeochristian old testament.

    Other than that the argument is cohesive, and for the most part the idea of the show allowing people to find a moral compass does predispose me to agreeing that the fanbase may indeed have unwittingly started a religion out of it.

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