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Science doesn’t care about invisible men in the sky, crazy conspiracy theories, or the power of wishful thinking. We’re looking at you “The Secret”. Science cuts through all the bullshit and that’s why the equation of Science > Beliefs will always be true.

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22 Responses to Cool Tee: Science > Beliefs T-Shirt

  1. I wish more people would just be tolerant of other peoples opinions. So what if someone believes in "invisible men in the sky"? Isn't it their right to think what they want?

    I'm not anywhere close to being religious but at least I'm not going to belittle someones opinion.
    (not directing this to GAS… just people in general)

    • I actually like this because it is true science doesn't care about your beliefs. Whether you worship God, Allah, Eris, or "Bob" Dobbs, or no one; whether you believe in Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Total Freedom or a comfortable dirt bed; whether you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Anarchist science still works. Physics, chemistry, biology will work whether you believe in them or not. Life keeps evolving, the world keeps revolving, whether you believe it or not.

      This isn't an attack, this is a declaration.

  2. Only thing I hate about super science nerds is how they claim science has proven God doesn't exist. Really? So scientists have search every inch of the known universe? Every black hole? Every planet core? Even within the deepfield? What, no? Oh well until then science had proven nothing.

    On that note how many endless times has science been wrong through out history? And even back through history non-believers still claimed science was right. Remember when science said the earth was flat? Or that the earth was the center of the galaxy? Yeah, science sure is dependable to know everything there is.

    Heck even recently I read something about due to some new discovery, the theory of gravity might have to be changed a bit. SO before science claims they know something, wait 100 years to see if that "proven" theory changes.

    We are still VERY young as humans. Science IMO is no where near a big enough level to presume it knows everything. Now, lets say in 500,000 years science does know everything…well I still wouldn't care because nothing can change my belief in God. God is beyond anything science can find/assume.

    Trying to find God would be like trying to find a pin the size of an atom in the whole universe. I give you forever and you still would not be able to find him. Although realistically God is everywhere. So you won't find him since hes not some physical object. Which atheists love to try and use against people that if you can't find him he must not exist. They know full well hes not something you can see.

    And despite all the evidence that he does exist, atheists ignore this evidence and make excuses as to why any reason is wrong on him existing. Miracles = Just managed to look like one. Seeing heaven when dying (buy you come back) = All in your head. Biblical prophecies that have come true in the modern world = Doesn't mean anything because they say so.

    Which is ironic since science believes in things like odds. So even though a man with cancer, a man whos dying within a week manages to be cancer free the the next day.That would be a miracle, but atheists claim "Just happened to be a fluke" or some stupid opinion that makes no sense. What about your numbers and odds? ^.^

    If there is one thing I can agree on, its the big bang. Except I believe it was God creating the univese since he brought things into being in an instant… hence a big bang.

    • There is no evidence that God exists. All we know for certain is that we are here and that science provides a rational framework through which we can investigate that fact and the world around us. Science doesn't need to disprove Gods existence because one is never called upon to prove a negative (see… the onus of proof lies with the theists and as yet they have failed to provide any tangible or testable evidence to back their assertion that some form of divine entity is responsible for the existence of everything.

      Statements such as "God is beyond anything science can find/assume" show that you have already made up your mind despite this utter lack of evidence and I have no interest in trying to convince you otherwise. I'm merely making a point in the hope that you will think about it.

      "Heck even recently I read something about due to some new discovery, the theory of gravity might have to be changed a bit. SO before science claims they know something, wait 100 years to see if that "proven" theory changes."

      Of course science changes, only a fool doesn't reconsider their views in light of new information, the fact that religion doesn't change is, from a logical and reasonable point of view, a weakness, not a strength. That's kinda the point of the scientific method, it isn't about making absolute statements that will never change. It's about finding out what the most well supported answer to any given question is based on the available evidence. If you think otherwise then you don't understand the scientific method.

      As for 'miracles', yes they are just statistical flukes, as are unlikely catastrophes and yet no-one attributes those to the grace of an almighty creator that apparently loves us but is perfectly happy for us to murder each other into oblivion whilst children starve in impoverished nations across the globe.

      You talk of evidence but all you have is anecdotes. Please provide us with something we can test, something truly tangible because without that there is no evidence only your opinion based upon your own subjective cognitive dissonance.

      You also clearly don't understand odds or statistics either.

    • Also, it was religion that said the earth was flat and the center of the universe, ( Science knew the earth was round before christ was even born and when Galileo stated that the earth was not the center of the solar system the Catholic church put him under house arrest for the rest of his life.

      Matt, you are remarkably ignorant. Please, for the love of your God, do some reading before you spout such nonsense.

  3. Matthew beat me to it…

    Science as defined as a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe can be of great use. Within the limits of our understanding of the science, it is quite helpful. Just remember, 1) Scientists rarely know what they don't know, and 2) TRUTH > science & beliefs.

  4. Science, pffft. Even though we’ve had numerous “scientists” trying to make life out of nothing for over 100 years, they still can’t. The male and female sexes put a big damper in the evolution theory but DNA absolutely refutes it. Scientists still don’t have a working theory for DNA? The big bang, dark matter and dark energy? That’s right, NOTHING created everything except that most of everything created is NOTHING and NOTHING is bubbling up out of NOTHING and pushing it all apart. LOL! Now that is a belief! God does not care about your beliefs either.

    • Actually Reece you are wrong when you said "God does not care about your beliefs either." Because according to most religions he does. Which is why people who don't believe what you do push back so hard. Your God tells people if he doesn't believe the way he wants them to they will be punished for all eternity.

      • "Because according to most religions he does". I don't believe in other religions but by all means, please provide proof of this statement.

        "Which is why people who don't believe what you do push back so hard." If you would notice the start of this thread, it was not Matt nor myself that started this. We were just replying to the statements on the shirt and the statements "science doesn't care about invisible men in the sky" and "Science > beliefs will always be true". Are we just supposed to be quiet when something like this is said? Where is your condemnation for those in this thread that state stuff like this?

        "Your God tells people if he doesn't believe the way he wants them to they will be punished for all eternity." Actually God says that He loves you and wants you to come spend eternity with us. It is your choice though. If you choose not to accept this offer, then why should you be allowed in?

        • Unconditional love is by definition without condition, Christians claim that God loves us unconditionally and then place conditions on that love. It's hypocrisy of the highest order.

        • I'm sorry thumb for whatever in the past has made you feel that way. I thought we were talking about whether God is real or whether your science is real. From your responses it seems like you believe in God but that you just hate Him. Therefore, there is nothing that anyone could do to show you that God is real. If God came down and stood right in front of you and talked to you, you would never believe it. You would find some way to explain it away. It's an illusion or it's an alien or a hologram. I can prove God is real. I can do that from the Bible. You would never believe anything that I would show you no matter if it was right in front of you so why try?

      • Hi Roi. I like the website and the usual "science" here does not tread into the realm of whether God exists or not. The "science" that is supposed to trump the extistence of God is no science at all hence my "pffft" and you can go back to my earlier statements and prove me wrong if you would like.

  5. Hey, all you folks bashing science, I have great respect for what science has accomplished, and the fact that you're typing out your messages on a device that requires a fairly intricate knowledge of quantum mechanics to design and build implies you should, too.

    The problem comes when we decide that science and "belief" are antagonistic toward one another. There are holes in scientific theory, and there are holes in every theology out there as well. Those holes don't necessarily negate either one, but it should make a reasonable person humble enough to accept that we don't and probably can't know everything.

    So both sides, stop basing on each other, please. Especially you, religious folk! Most of you are supposed to be loving and promoting peace anyway.

    • The only problem I have with your statement is that "on a device that relies on an intricate knowledge of quantum mechanics". Unless there is some breakthrough in computing that I am unaware of computers are based on solid run of the mill physics. In fact with the exception of a couple hundred devices in the world quantum computing.
      But other than that…
      Spot on Matt :)

  6. Science is a methodology for finding truths and removing false claims.

    Religion claims to be the truth and is constantly found to be a false claim.

    You want people to stop knocking on religion? Then have religion stop claiming to be the one truth and systematically repressing civil rights and ruining people's lives.

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