Must Watch Sci-Fi Short Film: Plurality [Video]

Epic Filmmaker Dennis Liu just emailed me to tell me about a short sci-fi film he just released: Plurality. Plurality is good. Like really, really good. Check it out below and then let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

Thanks Dennis!


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  1. That. Was. Incredible. The effects were done seamlessly, the characters were nicely rounded… All in all, this would make for an awesome movie, or even TV show. And that is the one problem I have with it, the knowledge that, unless this gets on the radar, and catches the interest, of some big-name Hollywood director or something, this is all we'll ever see of it, and that's sad, because it's simply amazing.

  2. That was cool, it has my vote for a TV show, would be much more entertaining than a movie since the story can continue, different people, places, times, events etc.

  3. That was really good. The fact that she's drop dead gorgeous doesn't hurt. Too bad we'll never get to see the end of the story.

  4. I hope they make this a real movie. My guess is, though, they'll bastardize it and turn it into a TV series. It's the way these things go.

  5. thanks guys! i'm just glad people are watching it. i like this blog a lot. we're not a huge view type of movie, it's long at like 14 minutes, but i'm glad it's getting a little bit of attention! thanks GAS!

  6. What an elegant teaser! Please, continue the story. Shades of Phillip K. Dick. I would like to see it as a tv series for sure.

  7. Spectacular, hopefully a good TV series will come from this, hopefully not from Fox; I'd hate it to get cancelled halfway through the plot.

  8. It looks great and feels familiar through the use of recognizable movie/tv serie elements (a technological advanced future, a chase, a bad guy who will end up being in the same situation, future earth is in jeopardy, a quest bigger then one person, …). After having watched it gives you the feeling you'll be told when it will be shown in theaters, start airing on tv and/or make you reflect about the (ab)use of technology by any government.

    Thanks for sharing Dennis Liu and Geeks Are Sexy!
    As requested on YouTube I reblogged it ;-)

  9. cool awesome. yeah these indie projects are tough. we really wanted to do something with an original story. in the short we really didn't want to side with one or another, w/ regards to adv. of technology for personal safety, but rather let you choose

  10. Very cool and very well done! Would make a great movie and I'd love to see the rest of the story. My only minor criticism is that in 2023, instead of chasing people on foot why wouldn't they just send drones to take the people out? I think we'll easily be there in 10 years.

  11. Kind of chilling implications, since we are heading that direction. The statement that the pluralities had all been intelligent, well educated people without criminal records was a good bit. The message is pretty clear that in giving up our privacy and allowing the government to monitor our every move that we all will essentially become criminals, especially those that think and question.

    I wish I had more hope that things won't really turn out that way, but I don't.

  12. Not a wasted moment. Very little cliche given these topics of sci fi are so overdone already. Special effects are inspired and seamless. Fantastic Job!

  13. It reminds me of minority report but better. I loved it so much I looked for it and found this site. Please make a movie… No series. If its a series, it should be like Dollhouse or Rome… With a definitive end. Keep up the good work!

  14. I second the first commentator's sediments. Very well done like a fine short story. Another work I might use…..slick….as in without a glitch in any of the details.


  15. Ouch! "1984" just became "2023". Plurality is somewhat predictive of our fate. Should be required viewing for all politicians and law enforcement. Remember the words to the song: "It can't happen here (yes it can)". When do we get the complete movie? Pretty Please!

  16. Well done! Poses a familiar question, but a pertinent one and you do it in a way that doesn't feel stale or dated: Do we willingly hand over all our rights and succumb to life in a cage if the trade is protection from everything, including ourselves? Images are sharp. Feels like a feature film. Would love to see it developed further, get more of the back story behind how the city got to where it is and find out more about Alana. Please tell me this is just the tip of the iceberg and these time travelers have some grand purpose for coming back in numbers and letting themselves get pulled back into the system via detention. I demand a cinematic revolution … (please).

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