Facebook Asks Users to Report Fake Accounts

In my opinion, Facebook is focusing on the wrong problem here – they’ve got plenty of other things they need to research and fix! With roughly 955 million users, Facebook is concerned that not all their users are real people. And now they’re asking you to nark on your friends who aren’t using their real names.

According to Facebook themselves, the idea is to “gauge how people use Facebook and represent themselves to better design [their] product and systems.”

They claim they’re not going to use the information to enforce using your real name on accounts, but what do you want to bet that if enough of your friends indicate your name is a pseudonym that they’re going to have you flagged?

This screenshot was tweeted by @chapeaudefee:

So you do have the option of saying you don’t want to answer. I’m not sure about the tactic in terms of their marketing though: I don’t care how many times they tell us that they’re “only looking to understand the results in an aggregate sense,” this still feels very 1984. Which is a pretty bad way to portray yourself when you’re basically mining personal data off us all the time.

What do you think? Bad move for Facebook to ask us to snitch on our friends? Or harmless market research for a company since it’s based in social networking?

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5 Responses to Facebook Asks Users to Report Fake Accounts

  1. Sounds stupid to me. Typical FB though. For a time people would ask about my two cats I adopted. So much so that they left messages for my cats on my wall (silly I know). So for fun I made two accounts, one for each account. I added pictures and all kinds of things such as they had "liked" catnip. Some idiot exfriend of mine turned in both accounts for being fake.

    Meanwhile FB seems to ignore the fact there are bigger problems then a cat having a FB page. How about half the people in other countries that create a quick account and post porn on it then add everyone they can? What about the fact alot of people don't use their real name and say something like "Abrham Lincoln". >.>

    • I don't use my real name, but I don't see why facebook should give a crap. I'm not impersonating anyone, I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not. Who gives a crap what my displayed name is?

  2. It's all a big lie, they're trying to force you into ratting out your friends. If you say anything but yes they'll flag your friend's account. The smart way to handle this sort of thing is for everyone to answer yes, if they get nothing but yes answers then they'll soon give up.

  3. People want to have two accounts. One for business or family and one to be with friends or FB Friends where you dont have to worry about what your boss or mom thinks. FB is wasting time and energy and making enemies if they start to delete profiles with nick names.

  4. I use a fake account because I don't want my details spread across the world.
    I have also been target twice when I did use a genuine account. Had to close both. I don't think hackers bother with obviously fake accounts.

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