MakerBot’s Replicator 2 3D Printer Looks Pretty Sexy

Check out MakerBot’s 4th generation 3D printer, called the Replicator 2. It’s not quite a commercial-ready 3D printer that’s being marketed to the average geek, but it still looks pretty awesome. The machine is actually aimed towards engineers and industrial designers who want a smaller, and so-called more ‘affordable’ way of printing professional quality 3D models. And with a resolution of 100 microns and 410 cubic inch build volume, it may be just that. Though perhaps the $2,199 price tag might be considered less-than ‘affordable’ to many.

It seems MakerBot is making every effort to continually improve their 3D printing technology: this printer is more durable, more compatible and even more sexy than its predecessors. It also uses PLA filaments to print, which supposedly is less sticky and prints with 32% less energy than previously used ABS plastic.

MakerBot claims to have “set the standards” for desktop 3D printing technology. What do you guys think? 

[MakerBot | Via Geekosystem]

5 Responses to MakerBot’s Replicator 2 3D Printer Looks Pretty Sexy

  1. I think they set the standards for turning your back on the community that helped them start their business. They closed-sourced this entire printer. Word is that Adrian Bowyer is not too pleased with the new direction of Makerbot over the past year or two.

    I dislike the fact they removed the heated build platform, this will reduce the types of materials you can use with the printer. I don't think even PVA will print without a heatbed.

  2. I think that as of now the company isn’t getting a single dime of my money. Makerbot is based on open source technology. Taking open source technology, tweaking it SLIGHTLY and making it a closed source product?

    No. Not ok. Not compatible with the hacker/maker mindset, and a very bad, negative direction for the company to turn down.

  3. Bah, My 1st comment didn't post but I am with Cass and Dra, looks like they are trying to cash in all their geek cred at once for a shiny pair of sneakers.

  4. They need to get William Gibson as a spokesperson. He's basically the guy that thinks this should be a 7-11 level consumer technology

  5. I just can't believe they're calling it "MakerBot PLA", I've got a RepRap and I've been using PLA for ages! It is such a blatant thievery of open source technology and ideas!

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