Make Your Zombie Killin’ “Official” with Engraved ‘Zombie Killer’ Machete [Pic]

Make your impending (it’s really inevitable, right?) zombie killin’ “official” with this ‘Zombie Killer’ machete by Zombie Gifts and Stuff.

Each machete has an 18″ carbon steel blade with a brushed finish. “Zombie Killer” is hand etched into the left hand side of the machete, along with blood drips and a biohazard symbol.

The overall length of the machete is 23 1/2″ and weighs about one pound, which is perfect for decapitating your undead enemies all day and night. Each machete also comes with a sheath and a belt loop with velcro tab.

Until the time comes, keep the blade out of the elements and oil it lightly to keep it rust and corrosion free.

Since the reverse side of the machete is blank, customizing or personalizing options are available for only a small extra charge.

(**This particular item from Zombie Gifts and Stuff is for 18 years-and-up only.**)

Edit: Already sold, sorry geeks! :)

[Via Etsy]