World of Warcraft Expansions as Jesus Fresco Memes

Feel free to giggle. At least a little bit.

[On Reddit | Via Geekosystem]

8 Responses to World of Warcraft Expansions as Jesus Fresco Memes

  1. Anyone play wow since BC remember when THAT was what ruined everything? This talk is always going on. I tell you, people bitching about the "good old days" is one of the worst fucking aspects of the game.

  2. The only problem with this joke is that the last picture is much better than the rest…
    Vanilla WoW was great in the fact that it was new and at that time it was one of the most polished MMOs on the market, and more importantly, there was lots of fans of the Warcraft series that finnaly got to see their beloved world really come to life from a different perspective. And to me this is what actually draws me to WoW more so than any other MMO, it is because it is set in the Warcraft universe.

    But thinking back and remembering how much of a horrible grindfest it actually was compared to how it is now, I don't miss it, I do however miss the feeling I had when playing Vanilla WoW, not Vanilla WoW itself.

    And TBC was boring to me, I did not play it that much, WOTLK on the other hand is my favorite part of WoW.

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