Random Cosplay from PreciousS2 Photography [Photos]

Sita Carolina at PreciousS2 Photography is a new photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She is also extremely lucky to live with some beautiful girls who love to cosplay. Since they already had costumes (some of which were made themselves), Sita took it as an opportunity to exhibit her photography skills with some gorgeous models, while spending the day with friends.

This particular shoot was not a cosplay of any particular characters but was more simply just a yell out of “Lolita shoot everyone!” The models came up with their own characters, ideas and costumes and Sita captured them through her lens.

In the end, it was more an event for friends to hang out together, which had the fortunate result of these incredibly hot photographs!

From a very brief online interview with Sita about this photoshoot:

“They already have a lot of the costumes and wigs, either from back home online shops. Or we make some of them – Mei An does most of the work. Make-up wise, I often help Jenny but everyone else pretty much does her own. I’m also known in my apartment for doing hair – trimming bangs and styling, long hair and into up-dos.

In my opinion, it’s a very good way to spend some time with your friends, have fun without spending too much money and also gain more experience. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it!”

Sita doesn’t only photograph cosplay, and is quite a flexible photographer, still experimenting with photography and exploring the paths that her craft may take her down. She is currently a student at the University of Melbourne and looks forward to furthering her skill in capturing emotions and memories.

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Models: Jenny (Hang) Luong (find her on DeviantART as Quynho), Jessica Jiang, Melissa Wong and Zhou Mei An.