Pioneers! O (Space) Pioneers! A Walt Whitman + NASA Mashup

Surely there’s a sizeable portion of geekdom who loves both literature and space as much as I do. There seems to be at least one other person, because this exists: A video montage of awesome NASA footage set to the soundtrack of Walt Whitman reading his poem, “Pioneers! O Pioneers!”


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  1. Pretty sure that's a youngish Will Geer reading the poem, not Whitman. There's only one known recorded example of Whitman's voice and it's only four lines long. Will Geer was an actor active throughout the middle of the 20th century, most notably with Orson Wells' theater and radio companies. He's most famous though for the role of Grandpa Walton on the TV show. Kind of an ignominious end for a pioneering actor and out (as out as he could be, given the time) gay man in the 20th century.

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