“Real-Life” Assassin’s Creed! [Vid]

Parkour,  meet ‘Assassin’s Creed.’ ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ meet Parkour.

Both of you, meet Ronnie Shalvis.

[Via Geekologie]

4 Responses to “Real-Life” Assassin’s Creed! [Vid]

  1. After the first "Stunt" I was like, this is dumb, then he started doing real things and it became very interesting, thanks for bringing this video to my attention!

  2. I've always hated Parkour when it's just about looking cool, the stunts he did that genuinely sped up his getting from A to B were good doing a random back flip off a wall then running away again, whilst it is impressive, just meh especially when filling the boots of Assassins Creed.

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