Old School vs. New School: FIGHT! [Video]

What happens when old school games go face to face with new school characters?


5 Responses to Old School vs. New School: FIGHT! [Video]

  1. Old school wins…yeah right. If MC had even tried to fight the old school games they would have been obliterated. Small arms fire is not a good way to take out armored vehicles. Try a Spartan Laser or a Rocket Launcher. Or jump in a Scorpion or Banshee.

  2. Master Chief is the most over-hyped new school character there is. Samus Aran using Screw Attack (and perhaps Space Jump) will trump any sluggish crappy control that MC has ever between given. Samus > MC period

  3. They could have had Lara Vs Bionic Commando. Master Chief vs Samus Aran, Altair vs guy from Prince of Persia (original) , Sam Fisher vs Guys from Contra, Duke Nukem vs Guy from Doom, maybe even a Minecraft character vs Dig Dug.

    There's plenty of old-school characters that aren't just pixels in the vague shape of something like a Tank. I was expecting at least one of them…

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