Broken iMac Prank [Video]

I wonder if the reaction from passerby would have been the same if a Dell box would have been used in the prank.

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      • I think vile is right here.

        That's not saying that Mac owners ARE wankers; but a lot of people think that Mac users are clueless about what some would call 'real' PCs and that this video just shows that Mac users are wankers who don't know how to take care of their expensive equipment.

        Unfortunately those who think that are ignorant. Macs are gaining a lot of ground in programming circles simply because they are powerful machines that can run Windows, OSX and Unix/Linix all in the same environment. Perfect for application testing.

        Yes, they are more expensive, and yes, they have definitely had success as a 'lifestyle' brand, but that doesn't make the users wankers -this video would make people think that, though…

  1. In the past when a man would get hit in the crotch- people would stop to wince imagining his pain. Nowadays, a broken mac gets a similar facial expression and reactions.

    As far as Dell is concerned- Anything recognizable and expensive would get a similar reaction in our price sensitive society. The difference is that if it was a basic desktop of named brand or not (not an all in one)- the amount of parts salvaged and in working order would be significantly higher.

    P.S. Also- note how only 2 people even reach to help pick it up and none of the people tries to catch it. Fancy it has something to do with imminent law suits filed against people who "helped break it"?

  2. This is actually notsomuch funny as it is just douche-ey.

    My first thoughts would be

    1) why is this moron carrying 2 huge boxes one on top o ea. other?
    2) why carry boxes like this when they have handles?
    3) god this guy is a horrible actor….


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