‘Star Wars’…As a 1980s High School Movie! [Picture Gallery]

Back in June, we brought you “Hughes the Force,” a video from Kevin Smith’s YouTube channel that rather successfully mashes “Star Wars” with classic John Hughes teen comedies & tropes, in particular, “Weird Science.”

Now, Denis Medri – the same guy who drew Rockabilly Batman – has drawn out the ‘Star Wars’ characters as if they were *all* human and living in a 1980s, John Hughes-inspired world!

Can you interpret which ’80s character is his or her ‘Star Wars’ equivalent??

[Via Geekologie]

One Response to ‘Star Wars’…As a 1980s High School Movie! [Picture Gallery]

  1. these are really well done…and here's my take on them:

    luke and leia
    han and chewie
    c3p0 and r2d2
    yoda and obi wan
    lando and greedo (?)
    jabba, the emperor, and the grand moff tarkin
    storm trooper, vader and boba fett with a young anakin inset (?)

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