WTH Japan! – My Boyfriend is the President

So this little gem is actually a parody from an ergoe dating simulation game (that means porn, kids) called “My Girlfriend is the President.” In the game, an alien who looks suspiciously like a french maid, crash lands into Japan, effectively killing the Japanese government. The game consists of Yukino Ohama, the President of the United States of Nippon, a gender-bent Vladi Putin, and your usual crazy cast of harem anime girls.

Of course, Japan is no stranger when it comes to taking on the world’s leaders. Mudazumo Naki Kaikakuis a manga that sets politicians in a heated game of Majong, complete with supaa kawaii Hitler-chan and this shirtless guy who I think represents Britain.

The video parody looks like a rally rad sitcom. What sort of whacky hijinks would Obama and Putin get up to in the glorious land of Nippon?

[Via Nico Nico Douga]